Hong Kong Supermarked

Bernt Ankers Gate 17
0183 Oslo

Telephone: 22 20 96 66

Description: A small corner shop on Møllergata is run by a very nice East Asian family. They speak Cantonese too. Although not as big as Asian Supermarked and A Food Market. They generally have a good range of food items, and I can find some ingredients to make Chinese soup but still relatively limited as are all Asian supermarkets in Oslo. Another good thing about this store is that they often have sales on snacks and drinks, such as Wai Ta Lai, a sweetened soy milk drink, popular amongst children in Hong Kong. Although their buns are a bit expensive than the other stores.

Asian Supermarked

Trondheimsveien 43
0560 Oslo

Telephone: 22 57 04 25
Website: http://www.asiasupermarket.no/

Description: Probably second biggest Asian supermarkets in Oslo, compared to A Food, but lack in/run out of stock very easily in especially Chinese vegetables and buns. Though they do try to replace them with other brands or other new things. So you might be suprised. Nonetheless it is a good store, but beware some things you can buy cheaper down at A Food. Lacks in ingredients to make Chinese soups and tea such as leung cha, but this goes for all Asian supermarkets.

A Food Market

Grensenveien 97C
0604 OSLO

Telephone: 22 68 64 00

website: http://asianfood.no/

Description: Probably most popular and biggest Asian supermarket in Oslo. Plenty of variety of Chinese food and many sorts of mint leaves, and you can count on getting what you want there. However it lacks the herbal ingredients for Hong Kongers to make certain soup such as Leung Cha. However this goes for all asian supermarkets in Oslo in general.

A blogger has written an article about other smaller asian stores in Oslo, which might be of interest to you. Click here to read.


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